Abidaa integrated hijab prayer dress woman of 1m80

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Integrated hijab prayer dress:

A perfect gift for a Muslim sister.

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Prayer dress with integrated hijabfor woman of 1m80 with integrated hijab:

Longer version specially designed for very tall women.

Look no further for the perfect prayer outfit that meets all the codes of Muslim women's dress. The prayer dress with integrated hijab by Neyssa is made in France.

  • Abaya of prayer woman 1m80
  • Length about 160cm.
  • Sleeves extended by 5 cm
  • Made of Medina silk.
  • Butterfly abaya with its integrated sewn hijab
  • Suitable for all body types from 36 to 48/50
  • Made in France by Neyssa
  • Ideal as a gift
  • Shoulder length to the bottom of the dress 160cm.

Why opt for the prayer dress with integrated hijab?

When it's time to pray, we women often have to look for a long mastoura dress and a hijab. It is not easy to have the right clothes for praying wherever we go and whenever we want.

Sometimes we had to run around to open the door for the postman, for example, to look for a hijab or a dress.

From this observation was born an idea, that of offering you this prayer abaya at the best price that you will always leave on your coat rack or near your prayer corner.

We offer you this prayer dress, with long sleeves and an integrated hijab. Opt for a time-saver so you can dress appropriately for prayer.

Length about 160cm, our model is 1m85. As a reminder, it is recommended that women cover their feet when praying.

If the dress is very long it is a major advantage, by covering your feet well it will not be necessary to wear socks to perform your daily and supererogatory prayers.

May Allah swt accept our pious works.

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