Neyssa is an online store dedicated to the Islamic way and Muslim women wishing to cover modest and Mastoura way. Our fashion inspiration from Arab countries, Western countries all combined to PROPSER a wide selection of ready to wear women, responding to women's values in integrity, jilbab, abaya, long dress. With the range Neyssa Creation, innovation in terms of flared section of amplitude, length and sleeves unmarked.

Mastour and sober, discover our capes, UAE cape, jackets and skirts that will delight many. Discover also a multitude of cheap tunic long, very long skirts, harem pants, the jelaba, the sitar, capes jilbab, the jilbab. Neyssa offers Extra long collection designed for women measuring up to 1.80m.

Feel free to take our brand to end the lined robes of a skirt. Here you will find dresses, skirts and palazzo in your size. Neyssa shop in thought breastfeeding women with dresses facilitated with openings on the chest for comfort without neglecting your femininity.

Pack collections thoughts held ideas for you, depending on the season to project yourself in our clothes. If you're stuck for inspiration not panic Neyssa offers dresses and hijabs boxes or gift check.
Hijab collection; you will find hijab shawls, square sails, two parts, shawl maxi, maxi khimar, the hijab from the Neyssa creations noble or more urban materials, oriental or Indonesian. You will also enjoy a wide selection of Malaysian hoods, under Indonesian hijab and various cups. these essential will complete the selection rhinestone pin head pins jewelry accessories.

Mastour dresses; noble opaque materials or dubbed in selecting urban dress, chiffon or lace. The abaya urbans, Dubai gown and abayas high quality Nidha.

Neyssa, ready-to-wear for all women

Listening to our customers, we propose collections that fit with them and meet their needs.

Today, it is no longer utopian to combine decency and elegant dresses for active women, students or sportive, or for coquette mothers.

Given the community of 350,000 followers on-line, Neyssa provides to customers a broad and varied selection of clothes, with regularly renewed collections.

Neyssa dresses you as you wish

Get dressed decently was for too long a real brainteaser, and often seemed to be an obstacle course. Since 2013, Neyssa has been meeting Muslim women and offering a selection of clothes that are much appreciated, particularly for their practical dressing.

Our original items are inspired from our customers’ expectations and current trends in order to fit with all women: small and large sizes, sportwear’s and office attires, dresses to wear during events (aid, wedding…), whether you are young, middle-aged or elder.

And all this at an attractive price: “Through Neyssa, I finally found original styles with attractive prices and above all, the quality. It was a real challenge for me”, says Sarah.

Listening to you, to get your satisfaction

Neyssa succeeds in federating a social media community of more than 350,000 persons (where they can follow our news and our lives, stories on Instagram and Snapchat), by listening them, recognizing the needs of our customers and seeking solutions to their expectations.

Women do not have to choose between their well-being and decency, their taste and their budget. Neyssa therefore are working to match their needs and demands in terms of fabrics, colors, material, practicality but also in term of price.

“My sister and I are faithful customers of Neyssa and will remain so in Sha’a-Llah, because the prices are affordable, and the quality is at the top. I advise all women to go there and buy with closed eyes, "says Jamila.


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