Très satisfaite, pratique et super joli. Je repasserai commande... B.Chloe

Très satisfaite, pratique et super joli. Je repasserai commande... B.Chloe

La couleur noisette est à tomber par terre. J'ai toujours eu du mal à commander des abayas sur internet mais celle-ci je n'ai aucun regrets, très élégant et confortable. Excellent rapport qualité, prix Je suis conquise par vos produits allahuma barik B.Chloe

Vraiment top, la matière est super confortable, c'est fluide, et la couleur est rayonnante BaarakAllahu fiki B.Chloe

Vraiment top, la matière est super confortable, c'est fluide, et la couleur est rayonnante BaarakAllahu fiki B.Chloe

Enfin j’ai trouver le voile qui me vas une matière de fou très doux et froid idéal pour l’été j’adore à quand la disponibilité des autres couleurs S.Sara

Super je viens de le recevoir j’adore S.Sara

Très joli , je l'ai pris en vert kaki, satisfaite de ma commande ! V.Samia

To me these jilbabs are the best jilbabs in the world. So pretty and very good quality. Great fit, looks very elegant! I only want to wear these jilbabs now. Neyssa shop is the best, the costomer service is also great. I'm very happy with my order, thank you so much ❤ v.Nienke

Je recommande ++++ ensemble magnifique classe sans trop en faire j'aime trop merci pour la rapidité d'envoi juste au top K.Eloise - A Muslim online store of clothing for Muslim women

A pioneer in Muslim fashion, is a Muslim online store dedicated to Modest fashion. Created in 2013, the founder of the online site wanted to offer women clothes that were loose and in which they could feel comfortable.

At that time, the fashion for oversize did not yet exist and the concept of Modest fashion was very underdeveloped. Faced with a strong demand from women veiled or not, we decided to offer a selection of clothing first for Muslim women and then to women in general who wanted to dress modestly and without being "stuck" in a garment.

An adventure that continues and is constantly evolving thanks to our loyal customers and brand ambassadors.

Creation of the brand NEYSSA - Modest fashion collections

A few years later, we decided to launch our brand NEYSSA to offer our own collections. The NEYSSA brand draws its inspiration from Western and Eastern fashion to offer unique styles that respect the ethics and values ​​of Muslim women.

NEYSSA is for all women, with a collection designed for the veiled Muslim woman and a collection designed for all women who want to dress in loose, oversized and modest fashion.

Our clothes are made mainly in France, Morocco and Italy.

Our creations are always thought out and inspired by our customers, our goal is to offer collections that follow the fashion trend, the seasons. You will find clothes with flared cuts, unmarked seams, length and amplitude at the level of the cut or the sleeves.

Very attentive to its customers, NEYSSA has realized that many slender and tall women or with a "large" or "round" body type could not find clothes suited to their body type.

NEYSSA has launched a permanent collection of extra long clothing for tall women up to 1.80m and plus size clothing up to size 62.

An overview of our collections: Hijab, abaya, long dress, djellaba, burkini, caftan ...

Neyssa, an adventure which lasts and which is constantly renewed through numerous collections of Muslim women clothing.

Discover the top 10 of our best-selling collections on

Hijab collection

The hijab collection is very popular with our customers. The hijab is much more than an accessory, it is for the Muslim woman a garment like any other. The Hijab is a garment that can be called "technical". We offer different materials of fabrics and colors to satisfy our customers. The hijab has evolved a lot over time and especially with the arrival of Modest fashion, we offer noble materials such as medina silk for example, hijabs that are easy to put on or even almost wrinkle-resistant.

Abaya collection

The abaya is a traditional garment inspired by Emirati fashion with the highly prized Abaya Dubai. Modern and sometimes revisited to adapt to trends, you will find the abaya dress and the butterfly abaya, loose and long, they suit all body types.

Djellaba and caftan collection

With covid-19, our clients who used to celebrate Muslim holidays (Aid el fitr and el kébir) mostly in their country of origin asked us to create a special caftan and djellaba collection. Our caftan and djellaba collection is strongly inspired by traditional Moroccan fashion and has been made in Morocco.

Burkini collection

When summer rolls around, we all want to be on the beach. The burkini is a garment that has been designed as well in terms of material, look or morphology to adapt to a specific need. Composed of a long-sleeved tunic and straight, slim or harem pants.

Modest fashion ready-to-wear collection

Our ready-to-wear collection includes all clothing with modern and oversized cuts. You will find in this section loose pants, Palazzo, long skirts, long dresses, oversized shirts, long tunics, long cardigan and more. The objective is to offer modest clothing for the Muslim woman and for the woman who wishes to adopt a Modest fashion style of dress.


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