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Khimar 2 veils: Refined Elegance

Among the acclaimed choices of khumur, the 2-veil khimar stands out for its distinctive elegance. This accessory adds a sophisticated touch to any abaya, with its dual-piece effect at the back and 2 veils at the front, ensuring maximum coverage over your dress. Despite the veil layers, this khimar remains flu...

Khimar 2 veils: Refined Elegance

Among the acclaimed choices of khumur, the 2-veil khimar stands out for its distinctive elegance. This accessory adds a sophisticated touch to any abaya, with its dual-piece effect at the back and 2 veils at the front, ensuring maximum coverage over your dress. Despite the veil layers, this khimar remains fluid and lightweight, ensuring optimal comfort. Positioned between the hijab and jilbab, the 2-veil khimar offers an ethical and chic outfit, also suitable for niqab wear. So, are you ready to exchange your hijabs for this new trend?

What is a 2-veil khimar?

The 2-veil Khimar consists of two layers. Highly trendy, these layers create a vaporous, airy, and fluid effect, imparting a great deal of elegance. Chic and modern, this veil combines the tradition of the khimar with contemporary aesthetics.

Crafted with care from premium chiffon or Medine silk fabric, the 2-veil Khimar ensures a sense of lightness and softness. The double-layered veil ensures complete opacity and fluidity of movement, providing exceptional comfort throughout the day.

Embrace the trend with our collection of Double Veil Khimars at Neyssa, where the perfect blend of style and modesty is honored.

Presentation of the 2-veil Khimar: Practical and Versatile

2-veil khimars are practical essentials for Muslim women. Comprising a slip-on band in jersey or chiffon, they eliminate the need for a cap under the hijab or other accessories. These khimars fit securely on the head and are easily adjustable. They can be put on in no time thanks to the two tying bands. Available in different sizes, maxi or short, and in a variety of colors, they can be matched with abayas or kimonos. Several options are available. Neyssa even offers gift sets to introduce this trend to others.

Choosing your 2-veil Khimar: Opt for Coverage

The choice of a khimar, jilbab, or hijab primarily relies on the coverage it provides to the Muslim woman's body. Therefore, when choosing your 2-veil khimar, make sure to achieve maximum coverage. Length, material, color, round or pointed: discover how to choose your 2-veil khimar.

Length and material of the 2-veil Khimar: A perfect balance

The length and material are the main criteria for choosing your veil. The length of the khimar adjusts according to your height. For an ample effect, pair it with dresses or kimonos with butterfly sleeves. Choose a covering and durable material such as jazz, Medine silk, microfiber, or chiffon for a quality, flowing khimar. These high-quality materials will offer optimal comfort throughout the day. At Neyssa Shop, each measurement of the khimars is specified to facilitate your shopping.

Color of the 2-veil Khimar: Between harmony and elegance

The color of your hijab should harmonize with that of your abaya. Shades like black, taupe, or beige go perfectly with most outfits. For a soft touch, opt for a 2-veil khimar in old rose, nude, or beige, in line with abayas in cool tones. Neyssa offers a wide range of colors, from white to black, including khaki, chocolate brown, burgundy, and camel. As you can see, the list is long to meet the expectations of many.

Shape of the 2-veil Khimar: Round or pointed, a matter of taste

The shape of your khimar, whether 2-veil round or pointed, depends on your aesthetic preferences. It does not affect the coverage or quality of your outfit. To vary styles, you can choose a round 2-veil khimar and another pointed one. Choose the option that suits you best!

Our models of 2-veil Khumur: Vary your style

At Neyssa Shop, we offer two types of 2-veil khumur: the round khimar, inspired by Yemeni veils, and the pointed 2-veil khimar.

For the round khimar, the two veils are generally circular, creating a soft and fluid look. For the pointed khimar, this style is characterized by veils that converge to a point at the front, creating a pointed shape at the chest. This can give a more structured and defined appearance. Indeed, some women prefer the softness and fluidity of the round style, while others opt for the structure and elegance of the pointed style.

With this 2-veil khimar, whether round or pointed, add a beautiful feminine touch to your usual outfit.

Our long 2-veil Khumurs in chiffon: Chic and practical

Our pointed 2-veil khumurs in chiffon are classics to add to your wardrobe. They are suitable for both daily prayers and outings. The lined band allows them to be put on quickly, and the pointed tips of these veils add an elegant touch to your outfit.

Our 2-veil Khumurs in Yemenite style chiffon: Freshness and elegance

Our round khumurs, inspired by Yemeni veils, have a rounded and ample shape. Perfect for a modest and comfortable outfit, these veils resemble the shape of the jilbab, with a touch of elegance. An ideal compromise to bring freshness to your daily outfits.

2-veil Khimar: Very easy maintenance

Maintaining a 2-veil khimar and ensuring its durability is far from complicated. Prefer a gentle wash with cold water by hand or machine with a delicate program to avoid any damage to the fabric. Cold water will help preserve the colors and fibers of the fabric. Choose a mild detergent to avoid fabric wear. Prefer air drying over machine drying to prevent shrinkage and deformation. Limit prolonged exposure to the sun to prevent fabric fading. Of course, you can iron your khimar, but only at a low temperature to eliminate wrinkles. Finally, store your hijab away from light. By following these simple tips, you can maintain the beauty and integrity of your 2-veil khimar.

Why buy your 2-veil khimar at Neyssa Shop?

Neyssa Shop, an online boutique of Muslim fashion, is committed to providing you with quality products at the best prices. Our 2-veil khumurs are made with chiffon to combine coverage and elegance. Treat yourself to a 2-veil khimar at an affordable price and discover our other types of khumurs in Medine silk, Jazz, chiffon, or jersey. Choose between short or maxi length according to your preferences. It could also be a superb gift idea for a new veiled woman or a young convert! Give her the first 2-veil khimar at Neyssa Shop. With the variety of available colors, choose the one she prefers: black, white, beige, pink, taupe, khaki... Enjoy fast delivery in 48 hours with free delivery to a relay point. Share your rating and review upon receipt and quickly order your product before it runs out of stock!

Authentic Customer Reviews

The satisfaction of our customers is our priority. Check out the authentic reviews of those who have already experienced the comfort and class of the Jazz 2-veil Khimar. Their feedback attests to our commitment to quality and the happiness of our clientele.

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