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Khimar for Muslim Women

The khimar is a veil to be worn with a wide abaya for a modest outfit. Midway between the hijab and the jilbab, the khimar has an integrated bonnet, making it easy to put on. The khimar is a trendy piece with a unique aesthetic that can also be worn as a niqab.

What is Khimar?

The khimar is an Islamic veil that attac...

Khimar for Muslim Women

The khimar is a veil to be worn with a wide abaya for a modest outfit. Midway between the hijab and the jilbab, the khimar has an integrated bonnet, making it easy to put on. The khimar is a trendy piece with a unique aesthetic that can also be worn as a niqab.

What is Khimar?

The khimar is an Islamic veil that attaches like a jilbab with an integrated headband. It is a long scarf with an integrated headband to tie. The khimar is a pointed or round char3i veil, available in various lengths and sizes, worn with a long and wide abaya.

It often has a pointed design, being long with a fitted abaya, for example, to create a two-piece ensemble. Conversely, a shorter khimar can be worn with a very loose abaya. The goal is to achieve a legislatively compliant outfit.

The khimar is comfortable to wear as it does not require pins to fix it to the chin. In summer, it is airy and perfect for high temperatures. It has become common to see women wearing it in various places around us.

Khimar enthusiasts wear it with a butterfly abaya to achieve a modest look, a good compromise to the jilbab. The length of the khimar will define the shape of the chosen abaya.

Muslim women who wear the veil love it because it is very covering, comfortable, and easy to wear. Khimars are suitable for both beginner and experienced veiled women.

How to Choose Your Khimar Veil? Various Options Are Available!

Length, cut, color, and fabric: discover how to choose your khimar! The length of the khimar: between jilbab and hijab

The length of the khimar is the first criterion to consider. Between the jilbab and the hijab, the khimar can come in various lengths. Depending on the desired look, choose a short, long, or maxi khimar. A shorter one will resemble a hijab, while a longer one will evoke the style of a jilbab cape. Opting for a very long khimar allows you to wear a skirt in combination.

For niqab use, choose larger veils to stay perfectly covered. For a modest outfit, go for a butterfly abaya if your khimar is short.

The cut of the khimar: 3 veils, pointed or round, flagship products from the Neyssa Shop

The cut of your khimar is crucial. The khimar with 3 veils is a piece with refined details, perfect for Muslim women who want to add a sophisticated touch to a simple abaya.

The pointed and dark khimar is a classic piece, giving an elongated look to your silhouette. Finally, if you're looking for a khimar resembling the jilbab, opt for a rounded veil. The most popular colors of the khimar: black khimar, white khimar, as well as taupe, beige, nude, camel, burgundy, and khaki

Color is an important criterion in choosing a hijab.

For a khimar, remember that it will be the most visible piece of your outfit. Choose a black, beige, taupe, camel, or khaki khimar for timeless colors.

If you want a colored khimar, such as taupe, nude, pink, blue, burgundy, or white, for example, keep in mind that you should coordinate your veil with your abaya. Generally, it's ideal to match a pink veil with a pink abaya, for instance.

In winter, opt for dark colors like black or burgundy that go with everything, while in summer, prefer soft colors like aqua green, nude, beige, pink, and off-white. The fabric of the khimar: Medina silk, jazz, Medina silk, or chiffon crepe are essential pieces

The fabric of the khimar influences its appearance and opacity. Choose a khimar in a quality fabric to make it comfortable. Also, consider the practical aspect of the khimar: jazz, for example, is a fabric that does not wrinkle easily. A khimar in jazz will be particularly practical, as well as easy to put on. In summer, opt for chiffon crepe for its light and airy feel.

You have the option to choose your khumars based on several criteria, and there are many choices in terms of fabric.

The most common are khimars in Medina silk, which are fluid and pleasant, or Jazz fabric, made from a fluid and slightly wrinkled material. You also have models in chiffon, often consisting of multiple veils to ensure satisfactory opacity. There are also khimars in microfiber and lightweight wool peach that will accompany you daily.

Finally, we'll mention khumars in jersey or Nidah, a high-quality fabric from Korea.

Recently, to meet the needs of veiled women, we offer khumars with an integrated bonnet in softer jersey lycra, this integrated bonnet band that relieves the ears of pressure exerted on the head.

Finally, we had to respond to the desires of khimar fans by offering them winter jersey fabrics, now available at Neyssa boutique, perfect models for facing the cold. You will find them in stock in Autumn-Winter on our online store. Our modern khimar models and affordable khimar

Khimar with 3 veils, short, round, or long: discover our range at affordable prices.

The Khimar 3 veils is an elegant hijab.

It is opaque and allows to hide nicely the body of the Muslim woman. If you are looking for a sophisticated veil, the 3-sail khimar is ideal. It is possible to wear it in niqab.

Khimar short with headband ready to put on

The short khimar is the veil most reminiscent of the classic hijab. It exists rounded or pointed. Simple to put on, it is a khimar to possess in his wardrobe for its practical aspect in everyday life. If you want to wear your khimar in niqab, choose long models.

Khimar long to be declined in niqab

The long, pointed or rounded khimar is ideal for niqab use. It gives a slender effect to your figure while remaining modest. It resembles a sleeveless jilbab cape. Its integrated headband and fluid fabric make it pleasant and practical every day.

Khimar round jilbab way

The round khimar is reminiscent of the jilbab cape because of its shape. It is easily worn with a wide abaya with butterfly sleeves. It perfectly covers your bust. Our round and short khimar pattern is ideal for daily prayer.

Why buy your khimar on Neyssa Shop ?

Neyssa Shop is a shop specialized in Muslim fashion. Our pieces are chosen for their quality. Abaya, jilbab, hijab or khimar: all our clothes are designed to facilitate your daily life. By choosing your khimar on Neyssa Shop, you ensure a quality product at a minimum price.

The choice of colors, the choice of models is very varied. Our products are in stock and can be delivered within 4 days

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