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Hijab jewelry:

How do I customize my hijab?

The Muslim woman, has a wardrobe in accordance with her belief. A fashion rather access on modesty, elegance, and masturbation. The hijab, is an integral part of her dressing. In all circumstances, whether for everyday life, sports, or events such as weddings or religious holidays. Let's see what Neyssa-Shop offers in terms of Hijab and accessories.
How do I wear my hijab with jewellery?
Muslim hijab jewellery

The hijab is worn in different ways. For events many people choose to wear hijab jewellery. Girls, for a bridal style outfit opt for a white muslin or flowing hijab and add a hijab jewel to accessorize your hijab. If you're more of a princess style, then opt for a crown that will also be your hijab jewelry to sublimate you at weddings or engagements.

These are not only Muslim jewels exclusively for hijab, don't be mistaken, these jewels can be worn without hijab between women for your events. To fix the hijab jewelry, all you need are pins to be able to fix the hijab jewelry on your head.

You can also play with the colours of the hijab jewellery. Indeed, there are different colors and styles. Many Turkish women, for example, opt for the hijab jewelry in red color. For others, it will be the hijab jewel in green for their henna celebrations, which come from North African traditions.
Adopt the hijab jewelry look

My favorite hijab jewelry:

Be elegant and an expert in hijab jewelry.

It is not only a costume accessory, it is also very noble when it is well matched to the hijab as well as to the evening gown, wedding or guest dress. Moreover, it is not a hijab jewel exclusively for brides, it can also be worn as a guest, but also for religious holidays.

Hijab jewellery for Eid el fitr or Eid al adha:

you can wear this hijab jewel with a more sober and elegant outfit. But it can also be a gift idea girls! The hijab jewelry can be very appreciated in a gift box for a friend during the holidays, a bride-to-be or simply for the pleasure of giving.

Hijab jewelry oriental look:

Hijab jewellery can be worn for a girls' night out for an oriental look. So think about diversifying the styles with hijab jewelry which can be very nice. At Neyssa Shop, you will find different styles of hijab jewellery, there is something for everyone, so come and enjoy it!

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