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Khimar Jazz

Do you love wearing Jazz silk abayas and want to complete the look with a khimar made from the same fabric? Explore our range of Jazz khimars, where you'll find different models. If you're accustomed to wearing chiffon, satin, or jersey khimars, these Jazz khimars are a perfect alternative. You'll appreciate their appearance and the...

Khimar Jazz

Do you love wearing Jazz silk abayas and want to complete the look with a khimar made from the same fabric? Explore our range of Jazz khimars, where you'll find different models. If you're accustomed to wearing chiffon, satin, or jersey khimars, these Jazz khimars are a perfect alternative. You'll appreciate their appearance and the comfort they provide.

Jazz Silk Khimar, Timeless Elegance

The Jazz Silk khimar, crafted from a high-quality, lightly textured fabric, is prized for its wrinkle-resistant material, eliminating the need for ironing. With total opacity and slight stretchiness, this khimar adds a chic and trendy touch to your outfits. An additional advantage is that its unique texture ensures it stays in place, preventing any slipping.

As for the appearance, it is simply sublime. The Jazz silk fabric gives an elegant drape to the khimar, whether at the front or back, especially when the veil is pointed. In our store, we offer a collection of Jazz silk khimars in various cuts:

  • Short khimar
  • Long khimar
  • Pointed khimar
  • Rounded khimar

At Neyssa, we have several goals, one of which is to offer a wide variety of items to meet the needs of our Muslim sisters. Diversity is at the heart of our business. That's why we have created this khimar in several models. You just need to choose the one you like the most! Not to mention that various colors are available to you, ranging from timeless shades (black, beige, nude, white...) to sophisticated tones (taupe, brown, pink, khaki...).

We are committed to crafting and selecting high-quality items. Each of our Jazz silk khimars is carefully made with durable materials.

Why Wear the Jazz Khimar?

In the world of Islamic fashion, the Jazz Silk Khimar stands out for its harmonious blend of luxurious quality and the subtlety of a slightly textured fabric. It's an exceptional piece that embodies elegance and practicality, offering a unique experience to those who wear it.

Irresistible Softness of Jazz: The Jazz Silk Khimar is crafted with high-quality silk fabric, known for its unmatched softness and delicate texture. When you wear this khimar, you immediately feel the beautiful texture on your skin, creating a sense of comfort and well-being.

Slightly Textured Fabric: What distinguishes the Jazz Silk Khimar is its slightly textured fabric. This subtle texture adds a visually beautiful touch to the khimar, providing discreet elegance and timeless charm. The textured pattern adds a note of sophistication without compromising the simplicity that characterizes the hijab.

Redefined Practicality: The exceptional feature of this khimar lies in its wrinkle-resistant material. No more ironing, as the Jazz Silk Khimar maintains its impeccable texture even after multiple uses.

Total Opacity and Slight Stretchiness: The total opacity of the fabric ensures complete coverage in line with Islamic modesty principles. Additionally, the slight stretchiness of the khimar offers a perfect adaptation to different body types, ensuring a comfortable fit without compromising style.

A Hijab that Doesn't Slip: The Jazz Silk Khimar, due to its specific texture, stays in place without slipping. No need to readjust every ten minutes!

Length Adapted to Your Preferences: The Jazz Silk Khimar is available in different lengths, allowing every Muslim woman to choose one that corresponds to her personal style and coverage preferences.

A combo of Jazz silk abaya dress + khimar is a good alternative to the jilbab. Not only is it a legislated outfit, but it also slips on in no time, just like the jilbab. Ideal for going to the mosque, for example. Moreover, unlike hijabs, there is no need for additional accessories such as pins or caps with this model. It easily slips on thanks to its integrated headband that you can tie according to your preference.

The Jazz Silk Khimar is a flagship product that represents much more than a simple fashion accessory. It embodies elegance, practicality, and comfort, all while respecting the values of Islamic modesty. Choose this khimar for an exceptional clothing experience and reveal the inner and outer beauty that resides within you.

Style Ideas:

  • Flowing Long Dress: Pair your Jazz Khimar with a flowing long dress. Opt for complementing colors for an elegant and sophisticated look.

  • Two-Piece Ensemble: Wear the Jazz Khimar with a matching two-piece ensemble. This creates a coordinated outfit and highlights the textured hijab.

  • Palazzo Pants Ensemble: Choose a loose and flowing palazzo pants ensemble to wear with your Jazz Khimar. This gives a modern and comfortable look.

  • Midi Skirt: Pair the Jazz Khimar with an elegant midi skirt. Play with contrasting colors for a distinguished outfit.

  • Pant Suit Ensemble: Opt for a pant suit ensemble. The Jazz Khimar can add a touch of femininity to a formal look.

  • Wide Leg Jeans and Tunic: Create a casual look by pairing your Jazz Khimar with wide-leg jeans and a lightweight tunic. Add accessories for a stylish touch.

  • Evening Gown: For special occasions, wear your Jazz Khimar with an elegant evening gown. Choose luxurious fabrics for a glamorous look.

  • Traditional Ensemble: Coordinate the Jazz Khimar with a traditional ensemble, such as an abaya or djellaba. This creates a classic and elegant outfit.

  • Palazzo Pants: Pair the Jazz Khimar with flowing palazzo pants. This outfit is both comfortable and chic.

  • Maxi Dress: Opt for a lightweight maxi dress to wear with your Jazz Khimar for a simple and elegant look. Ideal for relaxed days.

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Now you know why the Jazz khimar is a must-have for a hijabi. Don't delay and order yours now. Make your choice from a wide selection by Neyssa Shop, elegant high-quality khimars at very attractive prices. The best part? We offer boxes composed of pull-on Jazz khimars, a gift ready to give or receive! You also have the option to create your own box by adding the Jazz khimars of your choice.

For any questions or assistance, feel free to consult our customer service. We are here to offer you an exceptional shopping experience.

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