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We don't often talk about the difficulty of tall Muslim woman a >To dress. Between the garment that is too short, and the cut that is not fitted enough, it is extremely complex to find a garment suited to your body type while being fashionable. Sometimes it takes extra effort to find clothes we are comfortable in, without putting aside the dress style.

Des plus size dresses suitable for muslim women

Neyssa shop has thought of you, by creating a category specially dedicated for tall women, measuring between 1m70 and 1m74. A multitude of dresses, plus size abaya, available to showcase you. In this range you will find a variety of long Abaya dresses to suit your slim size, such as the shirt Abaya, suitable for everyday life, or the Dubai Jumeirah abaya, ideal for religious festivals or weddings.

Neyssa shop advice for height 1m70 to and 1m75

A few tips, to break the elongated effect of your silhouette, neyssa shop advises you to belt your long dress. To highlight your figure, you can also favor loose clothing, such as long vests, plus size jackets, to harmonize your look. When you are between 1m70 and 1m75 tall, long and wide pants, also called Palazzo, are perfect for this body type.

Also discover our extra long skirts for tall women. There is no longer any reason to be self-conscious about your model size, your size is a huge asset, so take advantage of it!

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