• How to put on the Hijab?

there are many ways to wear the hijab;

You must choose a large or long opaque hijab so as to cover your hair, neck and chest, our XXL shawls are available in the hijab category.

The hijab can be attached using a tube cap, a hood under a spindle hijab and clips for better support available in the category hijab pins

Also opt for jersey Hijab that does not slip and is particularly easy to put on. Don't miss our silk hijab of Medina, the much-loved veil of modern hijabi.

  • How to wear hijab?

In order to be in total harmony with her faith, the Muslim woman must wear hijab. This choice stems from several questions and a great spiritual journey. And when the day comes when she decides to take the plunge, she feels completely at peace and all her doubts disappear. Nevertheless, when the Muslim woman thinks she has studied her choice from beginning to end, she always asks herself the question which seems superficial but which certainly has its place: how do I put on my hijab?

In this article find out how we are going to study the question of "how to wear the hijab? "in all its forms!

The sub hijab: The basis of hijab

Before looking at which hijab to choose, we should get down to the basics!

Indeed the base of the hijab, which happens to be the sub-hijab, allows the person wearing the veil to ensure safety at first. Because yes, the undershijab will allow the scarf to be impeccably maintained all day long. It can come in several materials such as cotton, which will be appreciated by women with smooth and fine hair. But also, the viscose undershirt will be the favourite of those with thick hair. Malleable, it will adapt to the volume of your hair. The sous-hijab comes in the form of an open or closed "tube cap".

The subhijab is, as we have seen, essential when we wear the hijab. But then, which hijab should we choose.

  • Which hijab to choose?

There is a wide variety of hijab on the market, so it is difficult to make a choice.

The silk hijab of Medina:

Medina silk hijab is the most fashionable hijab of the moment. Its fabric, which originates from Turkey, is very close to the appearance of silk. Soft and fluid, it is crease-proof and gives us a very nice fall back!

Moreover, its colour is very opaque and even more intense. The silk hijab from Médine, gives immediately a chic and elegant side to any of your outfits. The colours in which it is deployed are rather neutral and in the trend of the moment. The silk hijab from Medina ensures an unbelievable quality at a low cost!

  • How to wear the hijab according to the shape of your face?

First of all it is essential to know the shape of your face. In order to do this, it is a question of measuring the determining parts of your face that will make its shape, that is to say, the

forehead, cheekbones, jawbone and the whole length of your face from forehead to chin.

The oval face

If you have an oval face, you can all afford it. Don't hesitate to innovate and adopt new hijab styles. Visit our site to discover the different hijabs we offer.

The round face

For round faces, prefer the crossed undershirt which will attenuate the rounded side of your face. The pointed hijab style will be perfect for this morphology which will lengthen the face.

The square face

In case you have a square face, avoid the pointed hijab style. The classic hijab undergarment will give a more rounded look to the face. Don't hesitate to fold your hijab on both sides of your face.

The long face

Here too, we can opt for the classic hat, which we can fold over the forehead to balance the shape of the face and reduce its length. Put the emphasis on your cheeks!

The heart-shaped face (triangle)

The pointed hijab style is really suited to this face shape. It will soften the width of the forehead to balance the shape of the face.

  • Which colour of hijab should I choose according to my skin tone?

The colour of the hijab is very important in terms of how it enhances our complexion. Choosing the wrong colour could accentuate our imperfections such as tired features for example. Here we will study which colour would best suit your complexion.

First determine whether your favourite colours are in warm or cool tones.

If you have a fair complexion and light eyes, choose cool tones such as green, blue or purple. Avoid colours such as orange, red and yellow.

On the other hand, if you have a fair complexion and dark eyes, warm colours such as dark yellow, brown and camel will suit you best. Avoid colours such as navy blue and pink.

What colour should I choose for my hijab depending on how I dress?

The colour of the hijab is very important. Indeed, you can dress very simply and use a hijab in a brighter colour, which will dress up your whole outfit.

To go with an evening outfit you can opt for a glittering hijab. Medine silk hijabs in a neutral colour will dress up your everyday outfits perfectly.

  • How to pin your Hijab?

We have all had the unfortunate habit of damaging our hijabs because of the classic pins we use. At Neyssa we offer you several alternatives to tie your hijabs without damaging them and above all without pricking yourself.

Anti-hole pins :

These pins allow you to fix your hijab extremely easily without pricking yourself and in no time at all. They won't damage your sails because they don't need holes. You just need to lock both ends of your hijab in the clip.

Magnetic clips:

Very discreet, these flower-shaped clips are fitted with very powerful magnets so you can keep your hijab in place all day long!

Available in several colours, this will allow you to combine them with all your hijabs.

  • How to wear the hijab with the mask?

To make it easier for Hijabis to wear the mask with the hijab. We have discovered the pinch technique which consists of tying the elastic of the mask on either side of your hijab with a needle. This will allow you to remove your mask during the course of your day without having to remove your hijab. Moreover, you will no longer have that pulling sensation in your ears.

At Neyssa we also offer you this ingenious product, the mask clip. It comes with several extensions to adapt to all shapes and sizes. It is impossible for the mask to crack because the mask attachment is very flexible. Available in black and white in order to be as discreet as possible and adapt to your outfit. Don't wait any longer to get some at the Neyssa shop.

In short, we have how to wear hijabs in all its forms. In order to get the trendiest hijabs of the moment, don't hesitate to visit the Neyssa website.


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