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NEYSSA-SHOP  11 avenue de la paix atelier5 80080 AMIENS  FRANCE These terms and conditions are agreed on one hand by the company NEYSSA-SHOP, whose registered office is located at 11 avenue de la paix atelier 8 Amiens, registered with the Trade and Companies Register undernuméro SIREN 819059023RCS hereinafter referred NEYSSA -Shop and secondly, by any person or entity wishing to make a purchase via the website hereinafter "buyer".  Object  These terms and conditions define the contractual relationship between NEYSSA-SHOP and the buyer and conditions applicable to all purchases made through the merchant site that the buyer either professional or consumer.  The acquisition of a good or service through this site implies acceptance by the buyer of these conditions of sale.  These conditions shall prevail over any other general or special conditions not specifically approved by NEYSSA-SHOP.  NEYSSA-SHOP reserves the right to modify terms and conditions at any time. In this case, the conditions will be those in effect on the date of the order by the buyer. 

Characteristics of goods and services  The products and services offered are those listed in the catalog published on the site NEYSSA-SHOP.COM.  Rates  The prices listed in the catalog are priced in euros taking into account the VAT applicable on the date of the order; any rate change will be reflected in the price of products or services. NEYSSA-SHOP.COM reserves to change prices at any time, except that the prices contained in the catalog the day of the order shall be applicable only to the buyer.  Prices do not include order processing, transportation and delivery.  Commands  The buyer, who wishes to buy a product must:  - Complete the identification sheet on which show all the data requested or giving customer number if any;  -

Validate the order after reviewing it;  - Make payment as provided;  - Confirm the order and payment.  The confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these terms of sale, recognition of having perfect knowledge and waiver of its own conditions of purchase or other conditions.  All the supplied data recorded and confirmed valid proof of the transaction. Confirmation worth signing and acceptance of transactions.  The seller will email confirmation of the order recorded.  Exchanges / Refunds  Buyers, non-professional individuals receive within 7 days from the reception of their order to inform us of the return of the product to the address for exchange or refund of returned products, to excluding shipping costs.  If all conditions are met the seller will refund the customer the total amount of the order (excluding shipping) within 30 days of the request, and subject to receipt by the seller of the returned product .  If the return is only partial only returned products will be reimbursed.  Repayment is in the form of having valid for 1 year or refund via paypal if demand is expressed by mail with return. If no request is made in the back have a will be generated automatically.  Returns can only be made by the post  at the following address:  NEYSSA-SHOP  11 avenue de la paix atelier 8  80080 AMIENS  However, if the goods delivered are not what the customer ordered, and that the error lies with our services, the return costs will be the responsibility of NEYSSA-SHOP.COM, up to the delivery price applied by NEYSSA- SHOP on the date of your order.  Products must be returned in their complete original packaging, unworn, unwashed in an intact package. 

NEYSSA-SHOP.COM refuse any product is returned damaged or worn.     Terms of payment  The price is payable to the order.  The means of payment proposed by NEYSSA-SHOP is currently PAYPAL blue card, check, bank transfer  We do not store data on bank cards of our customers following the payment  PRESENTATION PAYPAL:    Payments will be made through PAYPAL secure system:     The customer can pay in two ways:  - If the customer has a paypal account, nothing more, simply to connect with these identifiers and follow the instructions.  - If the customer does not own a paypal account, you can pay for purchases with payment card Blue Card, Mastercard, Visa.  -   PayPal, the trusted leader in online payments, enables buyers and sellers to send and receive payments online. PayPal has over 100 million accounts in 190 countries and regions worldwide. It's accepted by merchants everywhere.  Is it secure?  PayPal helps protect your credit card information with the best systems on the market for security and prevention against fraud. When you use PayPal, your financial information is never shared with the merchant.   

Why use PayPal?  • Make purchases or send money with PayPal: it's free.  • Shop and pay conveniently by saving your information with PayPal.  • PayPal is accepted by millions of businesses worldwide and is the most used payment method on eBay. Use PayPal today!     Shipments  NEYSSA-SHOP is liable for any loss or damage of any package shipped without signature, thereby losing any package and shipped without signature can in no case be eligible for any compensation or penalty whatsoever. No claims will be able to accept and no refunds or returns of merchandise will not be able to perform.  NEYSSA-SHOP.COM will ship packages within 72 hours of its premises.  Our delivery times are quoted in working days for information only and are to be considered once the order the order is confirmed.  

A delay in delivery can not under any circumstances give rise to any compensation or penalty whatsoever. We encourage you to notify us of any late delivery exceeds ten days to allow us to start an investigation with the carrier.   The investigation can vary from one to four weeks, depending on the carrier. If during the period of investigation, the parcel is found, it will be sent immediately to your delivery location. During the investigation period, no refund or replacement goods have referral can be made.  By express agreement, an event of force majeure preventing the delivery can not be attributed to NEYSSA-SHOP.COM. 

Are regarded as case of major force or special events by law LOCK-OUT, strike, total or partial work stoppage at NEYSSA-SHOP.COM or its suppliers or service providers, epidemic, war, requisition, fire, flood , interruption or delay in transportation, legal or administrative measures preventing, restricting, delaying or prohibiting the manufacture or import of the goods, etc. Seller is relieved of any responsibility in the delivery.  The seller will timely aware, cases, and the above listed Buyer events. In all cases, delivery on time can only occur if the Buyer has fulfilled its obligations to the seller regardless of the cause.  Responsibility  The seller, in the online sales process, is bound by an obligation; his liability can not be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Internet such as data loss, hacking, viruses, break service, or other unintended problems.   No claim may be eligible for any compensation or penalty whatsoever.  Intellectual property  NEYSSA-SHOP.COM All elements of the site are and remain the exclusive intellectual property of NEYSSA-SHOP.COM  Nobody is allowed to reproduce, use, repost, or use for any purpose whatsoever, even partially, elements of the site they are software, video or audio.  Any single link or hyperlink is strictly prohibited without written consent NEYSSA-SHOP.COM       

Personal data     According to the law relating to data, files and liberties of 6 January 1978, the name information of buyers may be subject to automated processing.     Buyers may object to the disclosure of their details by notifying NAYSSA-SHOP.COM mail or by mail at the following address:  NEYSSA-SHOP  11 avenue de la paix atelier 8  80080 AMIENS FRANCE Similarly, users have a right to access and correct data concerning them, according to the law of January 6, 1978.  Dispute resolution  These online sales conditions are subject to French law.  In case of dispute, jurisdiction is given to French courts, despite multiple defendants or warranty.


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