Umm Sawsen 3-piece khimar and skirt set

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Set 3 pieces tunic, skirt and khimar

Designed for your comfort by Neyssa!

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3-piece set by Neyssa tunic, skirt and khimar

You are looking for legislated outfits Neyssa create for you this beautiful set 3 pieces!

Among our selection of modern abayas, we offer both classic and atypical models

So we have designed for you this beautiful set abaya khimar Umm Sawsen. Unlike the other sets, this one has a skirt and a tunic.

It is the perfect choice for all women looking for a modern outfit that is both legislated, elegant and comfortable. We love the layering effect brought by the 3 pieces!

This set is made from a high quality hyper fluid and soft silk fabric from Medina.

You can swap the pieces to create original combos.

This Neyssa set consists of:

  • A butterfly tunic with a zip at the collar
  • A skirt with elastic at the waist
  • Of a round long khimar mi

Why choose this beautiful combo?

Here’s why you should definitely include this combo in your wardrobe:

  • The whole is a creation Neyssa
  • High-end material: The material offers fluidity, exceptional softness and a pleasant feel, ensuring optimal comfort throughout the day.
  • Khimar mi long round: The khimar ties in no time thanks to the two strips to tie behind the neck, offering practicality and style. It will easily cover your chest and shoulders.

  • Long tunic butterfly effect: the little more of the whole, it is the tunic that offers a beautiful effect of superposition. Its butterfly cut offers ease of movement and the awra cover is guaranteed!

  • Zip at the tunic: the tunic has a zip at the chest to facilitate the passage of the head
  • Elastic waist skirt: Thanks to its elastic waist the skirt adapts to your silhouette with ease.
  • Possibility of assortments: you can wear each of these pieces individually with another item you already have in your wardrobe
  • Versatility: ideal for getting to the mosque and also perfect for everyday use
  • Available in several colors: a wide choice of colors are available to you

This combo 3 pieces khimar skirt is ideal for different occasions, from everyday to mosque, for prayer or for a departure in Omra, offering a perfect combination between modesty and trend.

Size guide :

Fits an average size between 36 and 46

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