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The Muslim woman's hijab, headscarf and Islamic veil.
The wearing of the veil:

The hijab or veil of the Muslim woman is a scarf that covers the hair and covers the chest while revealing the face. The hijab finalizes the modesty of the practicing Muslim woman.

The hijab is more than a style, it is a garment for the modest practicing woman:

The Muslim...

The Muslim woman's hijab, headscarf and Islamic veil.
The wearing of the veil:

The hijab or veil of the Muslim woman is a scarf that covers the hair and covers the chest while revealing the face. The hijab finalizes the modesty of the practicing Muslim woman.

The hijab is more than a style, it is a garment for the modest practicing woman:

The Muslim woman's headscarf is an integral part of the Muslim faith. The hijab alone completes a whole outfit, it is matched elegantly flowing of high range, or comfortable range for everyday life.

Wanting to meet the demand of women from all backgrounds and ethnic groups, we have been inspired by the complexions of each and every one and the expectations of modern women wanting to meet their desire to veil themselves or to constantly renew their collections of Islamic veils.

How to wear modern Hijab?

Neyssa shop offers a large choice of cheap hijab, veil shawls and snoods. We offer huge possibilities for Muslim women to complete and finalize their outfits according to their identities and cultures, their habits, their activities according to their taste.

Our hijebs range from plain to printed hijab, we particularly like the easy to wear hijab such as the hijab to put on or the preformed hijab facilitating the wearing of the veil for the most novices as well as young women converted to Islam.

You will also find wedding hijab ideas that you can attach with our hijab embellishment brooches and jewellery.

You will find at Neyssa Shop hijab ready to pose, hijab preformed hijab, hijab beginner, modern hijab, hijab chic hijab elegant hijab, hijab fashionable hijab as currently the maxi hijab in crepe.

cheap hijab for all occasions:

Wedding hijab, party hijab, summer hijab, winter hijab.
Sport hijab.

For sporty Muslim women enjoy hijab sport, hijab running also available in our sport category.

In short, you will find at Neyssa shop cheap hijab, hijab at low prices, hijab at discount prices and very often sold out.

We also offer hijab for little girls to put on for Arabic and Koran classes at the mosque, hijab for teenage girls.

You are numerous to appreciate our creations Hijab in viscose, Hijab in Jersey, hijab in lycra, hijab in cotton, hijab in muslin, hijab in crepe, hijab in wool.

For the maintenance of your hijab do not forget the cap or hooded undershirt which are essential for the veiled woman's dressing.

Maxi shawl for the veiled woman, veil for the Muslim woman whatever your activity you will find at Neyssa Shop the hijab that suits you:

Hijab easy to wear, hijab easy to put on, hijab quick to put on, hijab practical for work.

The hijab in the Koran:

The term hijab is used several times in the Qur'an "O Prophet! Tell your wives, your daughters, and the wives of the believers, to tighten their mantles on them: it is the best way for them to make themselves known and not to be offended. - Allah is the Forgiving, Merciful. "Sourat 13, v59

As for Sura 14, plus verse 30

"And tell the believing women to lower their gaze, and to keep their chastity, and not to show their attire except as it seems, and to fold their scarves (khimar) over their breasts; and that they reveal their charms only to their husbands, or to their fathers, or to the fathers of their husbands, or to their sons, or to the sons of their husbands, or to their brothers, or to the sons of their brothers, or to the sons of their sisters, or to Muslim women, or to the slaves whom they possess, or to impotent male servants, or to impubescent boys who are ignorant of the hidden parts of women. And let them not strike with their feet so that it may be known what they are hiding from their ornaments. And repent all of you before Allah, O ye Believers, that ye may prosper.

Hijab conditions for the veiled woman:

The veiled Muslim woman generally complies with these recommendations:

Cover the entire body except the face and hands...
Not being a beautiful ornament in itself
Be opaque
Be wide, not tight
Not to be perfumed
Do not look like men's clothes
Do not symbolize the clothes of non-Muslims.
Do not attract attention

World Hijab Day

Every year the first of February and this since 2013 is the day of the veiled woman.

It was initiated by Nazma Khan, an American veiled Muslim woman and supported by many Muslim and non-Muslim personalities and institutions in over 200 countries. Since then, out of solidarity and tolerance, this event has been massively repeated and relayed on social networks and television news...

So many people, public personalities or influential people wear the hijab this day in solidarity with Muslim women. Their photos and videos make the tour and sensitize the maximum number of people.

Our sports hijab has nothing to envy to the Decatlhon hijab:

Neyssa Shop has met the expectations of the veiled sports hijabi, by offering a breathable hijab practical in Jersey, it is the perfect running hijab for the veiled sports woman.

How to wear the Hijab?

In our blog, we will try to guide you through the wearing of hijab by recommending what you need to have and what you need to know in order to wear hijab easily, whether you are a beginner or an experienced hijab wearer, whether you are a convert or of Muslim origin.

Here we detail the key accessories to wear the hijab effectively and efficiently that will last.

You will first need a hat under the hijab:

The hijab cap allows an effective hold whatever the material of the hijab you choose, if you have fine and smooth hair, and you decide to wear a silk scarf that will slide under your hijab will allow an optimum hold.

Hijab pin:

Then you'll need a safety pin to secure the veil under your chin. which we sell in a pack.

Safety pins have been used for a long time to fix the hijab, they were very effective but had a strong tendency to mark the hijab with holes and damage it over time. Later hijab safety pins were developed and have been used ever since.

Recently hijab clip pins have been developed.

How do the Hijab clips and clamps work?

Widely used in Indonesia, these Hijab clips are a revolution for the modern veiled woman.

They are very practical for everyday use, they allow you to fix the Hijab efficiently and without damaging it. They allow to hold the Hijab in a comfortable way, in addition to their aesthetic side with their small beads or rhinestones depending on the model.

Jewel brooch for Hijab:

Afterwards you can use a jewel brooch for your events or parties. They are jewels that can be fixed directly to embellish your sails.

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