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Box Aïd FUDAYL Dark grey

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Gift box prayer mat

The perfect gift to give or to treat yourself!

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Box for men Aïd 2024

You want to make a useful gift to one of your loved ones? We offer a gift idea that will undoubtedly please him!

Here is a great gift idea for men: our gift boxes contain the essentials of a Muslim. It will be perfect for a brother, husband, friend or just for yourself!

It is also the box to offer for any event: wedding, reconversion to Islam, hlel, Eid...

What is this box for men for Eid?

It contains essential elements:

  • A prayer mat in dark grey velvet: This rug provides calm and serenity thanks to its velvet-like material, soft and very comfortable
  • A dark grey Quran:
    • Arabic/French/Phonetic Quran
    • Ibn Mas'ûd رضي الله عنه reports that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:" He who reads a single letter of the Quran gets a good deed and the good deed has ten times his reward. I’m not saying “Alif Lam Mim” is a letter, but Alif ( أ ) is a letter, Lam ( ل ) is a letter and Mim ( م ) is a letter." At-Tirmidhî and Ibn Mâjah
  • A book "The Citadel of the Muslim":
    • What is the Muslim citadel?
    • The citadel of the Muslim is a book that contains invocations touching the whole life of the Muslim. It contains invocations that are recited by the Muslim on a daily basis. This allows us to remember Allah at all times, to vivify the tongue and keep the heart awake.
  • A musk DNA: its subtle scent creates a soothing and memorable atmosphere:
    • Made in France
    • Roll-on bottle of 5 ml
  • A high-end Loqman branded box with a customizable card at your request: simply fill in the customization tab, we will write the word on the card with great pleasure!

The advantage of this box already composed is that it is ready to offer. Whether for a departure in Omra, to wish a good Eid, to congratulate a young reconvert, this box will be the perfect gift.

If you want to give a gift to a little boy, discover our boxes!

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Box Aïd FUDAYL Dark grey

Box Aïd FUDAYL Dark grey


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