Jilbab bath Neyssa dark taupe

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Jilbab bath Neyssa trend summer 2024

To bathe with modesty and comfort.

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Bath burkini jilbab style with khimar

You want to go to the beach or the pool but you cannot find the burkini that meets your expectations? We have made you a built-in khimar bath burkini 100% mastour ideal for the Muslim woman!

It’s the perfect combination of modesty and style!

The Jilbab Bath with Khimar de Neyssa is designed especially for Muslim women who wish to enjoy water activities while respecting their modesty.

This innovative bath suit offers you complete coverage and optimal comfort, without compromising your style.

Why opt for this Neyssa taupe bath jilbab confection?

The Neyssa Bath Jilbab is a must have to take with you in your suitcase:

  • Modesty preserved: This bath jilbab is made with a concern for modesty, fully covering the body and head thanks to the matching khimar. You can swim in peace, preserving your privacy.
  • Quality materials: Made from high quality fabrics, this bath jilbab is water resistant and dries quickly. It is also light and breathable, offering you optimal comfort during your aquatic activities.
  • Elegant design: Neyssa has crafted this bath jilbab with an aesthetic concern, offering a modern and elegant design. You can feel beautiful and confident while respecting the values of modesty.
  • Practicality and versatility: The bath jilbab has a loose fit that allows you to move freely in the water. It is suitable for paddling or for your water activities, or simply relaxing at the beach or pool.
  • Matching Khimar: Matching Khimar Bath offers you extra protection for your head and neck from the sun’s rays. It can also be adjusted according to your preferences for more comfort.
  • Easy maintenance: This bath jilbab is easy to maintain. It can be machine or hand washed, so you can keep it clean and fresh after each use.
  • Confection Neyssa: This bath burkini was made in our workshops with a quality fabric
  • Signed Neyssa: Logo affixed to the bottom of the tunic for perfect finishes, because at Neyssa, every detail counts.

Size Guide:

Our model measures 1m63 for a regular 36



Tunic length

Trouser length

Khimar dimensions


for the tunic:

du 36 au 56

for the trouser :

du 36 au 44

123 cm

99 cm

85 cm arrière

43 cm devant

Enjoy your aquatic activities with confidence with the Jilbab bath with khimar from Neyssa. Combining style, comfort and modesty, it is the ideal option for Muslim women who want to reconcile their sports practice with their values. Make a fashion statement by choosing Neyssa, the brand that celebrates the beauty of modesty.

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