what shoes to wear with a djellaba?

 quelles chaussures porter avec une djellaba

Traditional dress has the advantage of being inherited, which allows us to understand how to wear it and on what occasions. They represent the identity of a country, so much so that you can tell by looking at them. Throughout the centuries, some outfits have tried to modernise so that they can be worn at all times. The aim is to keep the essence of the garment by keeping the culture alive despite the evolution of fashion over the years. This is the case of the djellaba, a traditional Moroccan garment that is constantly being modernised.

What is the djellaba?

Like the caftan and the gandoura, the djellaba is a traditional garment that symbolises Moroccan know-how in all its splendour. It features hand-sewn embroidery and beading, high-quality fabric and, of course, its famous cut, which is characterised by a long, loose, hooded robe. Moroccans wear it daily, but also on special occasions such as weddings and christenings.


For what occasion should the Moroccan djellaba be worn?

The Moroccan djellaba can be worn on any occasion. Indeed, there are several more or less sophisticated models which allow you to wear the djellaba in everyday life as well as for your festivities.

During the day, choose a sober and elegant djellaba with fine embroidery. Choose soft, all-purpose colours. This outfit is perfect as an indoor outfit or even to go shopping, it allows you to be presentable quickly and without too much effort.

For special occasions, opt for a long djellaba with more extravagant stitching and embroidery. You can even dare to use beads and rhinestones to catch the light and brighten up your outfit. Accessorise it with a shiny clutch and earrings to complete your evening look!

What shoes to wear with the djellaba?

Traditional Moroccan women's clothing, such as the kaftan or djellaba, is usually very long. Sometimes we overlook what makes the outfit complete, the shoes!

Given the length of the djellaba, we don't give much thought to which pair of shoes to wear, thinking that they will go unnoticed under our dress.

Think again, shoes are very important to the purpose of our look. They determine the look and attitude we will have whether it is a day or evening look.

So, don't forget your shoes, which in the end are the continuation of your outfit. To help you, we propose to discover together, which shoes to wear with a djellaba during the day or on the occasion of a party.

What are the best shoes to wear with a jellaba?

1) What flat shoes to choose with the djellaba :

In case you want to wear your djellaba on a daily basis, we recommend that you opt for flat shoes. Flat shoes will allow you to be comfortable all day long without your feet hurting. Do your daily activities with a pair of flat shoes that match your women's djellaba. This way you can be sure of your look and gait.

When it comes to special events where we have to dress up, it seems that for women, heels are the way to go. It is an accessory that, when worn, provides an instant elegant and refined posture. There is a wide variety of pairs of heels on the market, so all you have to do is find the ones that suit you best.

Wearing slippers with a djellaba:

Adopt a complete traditional look by wearing a pair of Babouches with your djellaba. At the heart of Moroccan craftsmanship, the Babouches are constantly being modernised. We have noticed that the greatest fashion houses have been inspired by the Moroccan babouche.  Today we can find several styles of very classy babouches which would go perfectly with your most beautiful simple and worked djellabas.

Where to find Moroccan babouches?

Moroccan babouches can be found directly in the Moroccan souks, they will have a design that differs depending on the region you are in. A large choice of colours and patterns allowing you to match your babouches to each of your Abayas, there is something for everyone!

If you can't make it to Morocco, don't hesitate to visit the markets, where you can often find retailers whose products come directly from Morocco. By going directly to the market, you will have the opportunity to try on your slippers to find the size that suits you, because indeed, it can vary depending on the model.

Wearing Espadrilles with a djellaba :

Espadrilles pour djellaba

Not a fan of slippers? We have the perfect alternative for summer: espadrilles.

Very trendy these last years, espadrilles have definitely their place in our wardrobe. Espadrilles are constantly being reinvented with ever more creative designs. Also available in a range of colours, you will have no trouble finding the perfect pair to match your women's jellaba. This is an alternative to sandals which, combined with your jellaba, will make for a more elegant outfit.


2) Heels with a djellaba:

At a special event where we have to dress up, it seems that for women, heels are in the spotlight. It is an accessory that, when worn, provides an instant elegant and refined posture. There is a wide variety of pairs of heels on the market, so all you have to do is find the ones that suit you best.

Wearing pumps with a jellaba:

Pumps are considered the ultimate feminine pair of shoes. Wearing pumps with a djellaba will give you a slimmer silhouette and the distinguished look you're looking for. High heel or low heel, choose the one you feel most comfortable with!

The goal is to remain confident in our gait and posture

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