1- Why wear the jilbab?

The "why wear the jilbeb?" It is a rather recurring question, we will explain it to you in a simple way.

First of all the woman jilbab is an outfit which is completely in adequacy with the recommendations of the Koran. We can find, in Our Holy Quran, Sura 33 verses 59:

"O Prophet! Tell your wives, your daughters, and the women of the believers to bring back their large veils on them, so that they will not be quickly recognized and will avoid being offended. Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful."

Secondly, the jilbab is intended to cover the entire body of the woman and only reveals the woman's face and hands. The jilbab is a very good alternative to the hijab. When women wear the jilbab, they do not need to check whether all Islamic recommendations are met. It is the perfect legal outfit, she just has to put on her jilbab, and that's it!

Thirdly, by opting for a jilbab you can only be satisfied! Why? This piece has many advantages that no other piece can offer you. By making the choice of the jilbab, you have the possibility of praying with, of going to the mosque, to carry out your Omra or Hajj or to go to the course of Arabic.

It is also a saving of time, you have to open the door in a hurry, you just have to take your jilbeb and in some movements you are ready. You won't have to improvise and think about all these details.

How to put its jilbab

FOR A FLUIDITY: jilbeb 1 part JAMILA

This jilbab is fluid and very comfortable. Conceived with a top-of-the-range fabric "wool peach", with sleeves lycra. Very easy and fast to put on thanks to its bands to be tied behind the neck. Not to mention that it is a one-piece slip-on jilbeb.

This article is of unique size, adapted to any morphology. This jilbab is always available, you can find it in other colours. What do you wait for? Find us on www.neyssa-shop.fr

FOR A SPLENDID RENDER: jilbeb 2 pieces roqaya

This ultra-casual and ample piece, you will not leave it any more. The set of the jilbab is composed of a cape and a loose sarouel. Our jilbab is carried out of a fabric top of the range wool peach with a cape and sleeve in lycra.

To facilitate the dressing, the cape has two bands to be tied behind the head. An outfit 100 % mastoura, you can pray in all peace with. The jilbab Roqya is in one size which is adapted to all the morphologies. Available in several colours black, gray pearl.


In general, the jilbab is a very interesting dress for the Moslem women. Why? Because you have the possibility of going out, of going to the mosque, of making the salât with your jilbab. The jilbeb of black colour is must have for you as a Moslem woman.


Our splendid jilbab with 2 parts which is ultra comfortable. This 100% mastoura outfit will accompany you for many occasions.

The jilbab Maymouna is made, of a wool peach fabric, of high quality. Find also, its flared skirt without forgetting its cape and its sleeves in lycra. One size fits all.

Always available in stock, in several colours!

Your Neyssa shop has also thought of the little ones. Discover our JILBAB GIRL SAFIYA

jilbab girl pink two parts

This jilbab is dedicated to the girls, conceived in jazz, one of the manufactures of Neyssa. The set is conceived for all the morphologies thanks to its elastic sarouel. Ties very easily thanks to an integrated cap to be tied.

This jilbab girl is very requested! Find quickly the remaining colours on our Moslem shop www.neyssa-shop.com


Many questions are posed on the way of putting its jilbab. You have two possibilities, either, it is a jilbeb 1 part, it will be enough for you to tie a node with the back of the head. Other possibility, you have either a skirt or a sarouel to be threaded which are often of elastic size.

It can easily be adapted to any body shape. Then, it is enough to put on your khimar which is tied in the same way as the jilbab with 1 piece. Nothing simpler!

Neyssa proposes 2 jilbabs to you which are simple and fast to put



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