The conditions of Hijab

Hijab must meet eight conditions

1- It should cover the entire body (except the face and hands to some scholars, the whole body for others)

2 It should not be an adornment in itself (satin, polished, curved ...)

3 It should be thick non-transparent

4 It should be large in order not to draw the body by emphasizing its forms

5 It should not be perfumed

6 It should not look like human clothing

7 It should not resemble the clothes disbelieving

8 should not be a garment of reputation to the point where the wearer is different from other believers.

If one of these conditions is not met, the woman is not considered religiously veiled, therefore its way to "hide" is not acceptable to Allah. Indeed hijab should be worn to Allah and must conform to what was survived by his description found in the Qur'an and authentic sunna